Historical monthly weather data

From this page you can download historical monthly weather data for 1960-2018. These data are downscaled from CRU-TS-4.03 by the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, using WorldClim 2.1 for bias correction.

The variables available are average minimum temperature (°C), average maximum temperature (°C) and total precipitation (mm).

The spatial resolution is 2.5 minutes (~21 km2). Each download is a “zip” file containing 120 GeoTiff (.tif) files, for each month of the year (January is 1; December is 12), for a 10 year period.

years minimum temperature maximum temperature precipitation


A possible citation of this dataset could be: CRU-TS 4.03 (Harris et al., 2014) downscaled with WorldClim 2.1 (Fick and Hijmans, 2017).

Fick, S.E. and R.J. Hijmans, 2017. WorldClim 2: new 1km spatial resolution climate surfaces for global land areas. International Journal of Climatology 37 (12): 4302-4315.

Harris, I., P.D. Jones, T.J. Osborn, and D.H. Lister (2014), Updated high-resolution grids of monthly climatic observations - the CRU TS3.10 Dataset. International Journal of Climatology 34, 623-642. doi:10.1002/joc.3711