WorldClim Version2

WorldClim version 2 has average monthly climate data for minimum, mean, and maximum temperature and for precipitation for 1970-2000.

This is beta release 1, June 2016. This version is for testing and feedback only. You are not allowed to redistribute these data.

You can download the variables for different spatial resolutions, from 30 seconds (~1 km2) to 10 minutes (~18 km2). Each download is a "zip" file containing 12 GeoTiff (.tif) files, one for each month of the year (January is 1; December is 12).

variable 10 minutes 5 minutes 2.5 minutes 30 seconds
minimum temperature (°C) tmin 10m tmin 5m tmin 2.5m tmin 30s
maximum temperature (°C) tmax 10m tmax 5m tmax 2.5m tmax 30s
average temperature (°C) tavg 10m tavg 5m tavg 2.5m tavg 30s
precipitation (mm) prec 10m prec 5m prec 2.5m prec 30s
solar radiation (kJ m-2 day-1) srad 10m srad 5m srad 2.5m srad 30s
wind speed (m s-1) wind 10m wind 5m wind 2.5m wind 30s
water vapor pressure (kPa) vapr 10m vapr 5m vapr 2.5m vapr 30s

WorldClim version 2 is developed by Steve Fick and Robert Hijmans at the University of California Davis and the Stockholm Institute of the Environment.

Support was provided by Feed the Future to the Geospatial and Farming Systems Consortium of the Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab.

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